Water is the basis of life…..!

Welcome to H2O Unlimited Blue Water

We are focused on improving the living conditiones in third-countries and emerging economies. The biggest problem in the world exists in the lack of suppley of clean and healthy drinking water.

1 Billion people have no access to clean water. That should ALL make us very thoughtful.

We can end this unacceptable situation only by prompt action.

Likewise, the houseing situation including the sanitary facilitis were parallel adapted to clean drinking water. We are not just talking about the rual areas , NO, also we speak of the country aligned the population in the urban: Their situation is the same.

This a fight against time …..

What is being done around the world is not enough!

We can help to change this difficult situation.

Our Solution:

♦ Drinking-water-purification & sterilization with at least 8000 liters/day outdoor

♦ Drinking-water-purification & sterilization with at least 4000 liters/day for installation in houses and apartments

♦ Compact house including drinking-water supply and self-sufficient energy supply

♦ Energy Box with 2 kilowatt hours basic storage capacity, expandable to 12 kilowatt hours